Why You Should Use Google Shopping In Your Marketing Campaign

Why You Should Use Google Shopping In Your Marketing Campaign

Google Shopping is powered by two different platforms which are Google AdWords and Google Merchant Center. Google Merchant Center is where your product feed lives. It is essentially where the details of your products are organised in a structured format. AdWords, on the other hand, is where your actual campaigns live. It is where you’ll manage your bids, determine your budget, and make optimisations based on the performance data.

Google Shopping ads are quite different from traditional text ads in terms of setup and management. With Google Shopping, Google determines when your product image ads show up. Your feed, site and bids all determine what search queries trigger your ads to show. Google text ads, focus on the keywords that you choose in relation to your business and industry. The campaigns, ad groups and ads you create show text only ads when that keyword is searched.

Why You Should Use Google Shopping In Your Marketing Campaign

Google Shopping shows people searching online a photo of your product with the title, price and much more. Google Shopping ads reach people searching for product-specific terms. These ads feature at the top of organic search results in Google. The combination of detailed information and optimised search results create higher engagement. This is a great channel for any size business to create brand awareness and sell more to people online.

We live in a world nowadays where images and video dominate the content we consume. We’re accustomed to and expect, visual content to help us navigate online to finding what we want to buy. Shopping is a truly visual experience and people browsing online rely on images and visual content to bring them closer to products they want. Google Shopping is great at doing that. The in-depth information and quality images of products ensure that only interested people click your ad. This separates the casual customers from those likely to purchase your products.

When it comes to mobile reaching shoppers online when they are searching, Google Shopping is phenomenal. These ad formats dominate the screen. Product images containing price and the brand of the advertisers are prominently displayed which invites shoppers to scroll the carousel to see more of the products appearing in search.

Google Shopping ads are a great ad format to convert searchers who have narrowed their options and are further down the funnel likely to purchase. Offering as much product information as possible entices a shopper to click through to your site. These shoppers are more likely to include the product name, type/style, colour, and brand in their searches making them better converting than generic search terms. The result is more qualified traffic that leads to stronger conversions.

Google Shopping is a great tool for business owners and marketers to get increased traffic and overall sales. It is is a search advertising powerhouse and the reasons above are why you should use Google Shopping in your marketing campaign. If you would like to learn more about using google shopping then call us today on 021-234-8038 or visit us online