Why Are People Not Coming To My Website?

Why Are People Not Coming To My Website?

Great web design is the most deadly tool in marketing. The aim of a website is to form connections with people, inform them about your business and hope they interact with your brand whether that is by contacting your business or purchasing a product/service you offer. If you notice that sales online and visitors to your website are low or not what you expect then it can be disappointing. The fact of the matter is that people will always want the products or services you provide, they are online and researching and just waiting to connect with your business. So one would wonder why are people not coming to my website? Here are some of the reasons people might not be visiting your website.

Not Mobile Friendly

Why Are People Not Coming To My Website?

Mobile phones keep people and the world connected now more than ever. If your website is not mobile friendly then you are selling yourself short in business. Roughly 52% of all Internet users browse websites from their mobile phone. This means that more than half of people visit sites from smartphones. By not having a mobile-friendly site for smartphones and tablets, you’re alienating a huge amount of potential consumers. This plays a big part in losing out on viewership of your website and revenue. People check websites everywhere on the go whether they are sitting in their cars, walking around the shops or even at home. Anywhere there is an Internet connection, you can expect smartphone users to be browsing and accessing websites. Whereas with desktop users, they will be at home or in an office visiting websites.

Poor SEO

Search engine optimisation is extremely important in getting visitors to your website. It will assist people in finding your website based on what they are searching for. Your website should inform search engines of your content so it can relate it to peoples search queries. Writing quality and relevant content is key as well as making sure there is enough of it published and available. Research and identify keywords that you think consumers and your target market would search. Try putting yourself into the minds of the customer or browser and then base your content around that. Create and provide a consistent stream of good quality content. Your website should be constantly updated to provide new content that is interesting, relevant and informative for people to consume. This will give people a reason to visit your site in the first place or even return to your website to read more of your published content.

Social Media

People spend lots of time on social media which makes it a great way to drive traffic to your website. Social Media has become a way of life for people, they use it to find information and products they need and sometimes even some they don’t need. People browsing through social media can end up anywhere that they see interesting content and value, so it is important to give that to people through your social media accounts. A great website by itself is great but it must be complemented and integrated with social media. Your business should have a very good presence on all the big social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram depending on which are suitable for your industry, each of your social media channels should also be funnelling traffic to your website. Having social media icons located on your website with links to your accounts will allow people to easily visit and follow your brand. Allowing and encouraging people to engage with and share your content is a great way to get the word out to their followers about your brand. People that enjoy your content on social media will most likely continue to your website to learn more about your business and see more of your content. Quality content, encouraging engagement, integrating your website with your different social media accounts and having links to your website on your social media accounts will all increase traffic to your website.

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