What Pokémon Go Sponsorship Means For Businesses In Cork

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What Pokémon Go Sponsorship Means For Businesses In CorkYesterday Pokémon Go was all set to launch in Japan, it’s birthplace and home. However due to an email leak and the huge amount of buzz surrounding the launch of game in Japan, they decided to hold off until their servers could handle the demand. They haven’t yet given a launch date, but when it does go live, the much rumoured sponsored locations are set to be rolled out across Japan.

Sponsored locations in Pokémon Go allow businesses to pay to turn their location into a Pokémon Gym, which attracts a plethora of potential customers. Pokémon Go isn’t the first AR (augmented reality) game where sponsored locations have been made available to businesses. Niantec, the creators of Pokémon Go, have another game called Ingress which they used as a base for the AR technology in Pokémon Go today. This game has a feature that allows local businesses pay a few cent every time they get a customer because of the game.

So in all likelihood, Pokémon Go’s sponsored location scheme will operate on a similar system. Who is lucky enough to be the first official sponsor of Pokémon Go? McDonald’s. When the game does finally launch in Japan, it will do so with a massive sponsorship deal involving over 3,000 McDonald’s locations spanning Japan. Here’s what Pokémon Go sponsorship means for businesses in Cork.

1: You Don’t Have To Be Near A Gym

One of the great things about sponsored locations in Pokémon Go for businesses in Cork, is that you will more than likely be able to set them up anywhere. You will no longer have to look at your competitor a kilometre away with jealousy because they were lucky enough to have a site near them tagged as a gym. What’s more, if it’s anything like their previous game (Ingress), it will cost only a few cent per customer attracted to your business. So you can start hosting Gym battle days and other events for a minuscule investment.

2: You Can Attract Customers With Badge Giveaways

Another fantastic way for Cork businesses to attract more footfall to their storefronts is to advertise Pokémon Badge giveaways through social media or Google AdWords. When someone takes over the Gym by defeating the other team and buys something, you can give them a badge to recognise their triumph. Everyone loves a trophy, no matter how small. Make sure your brand is visible on the badge so everyone knows where to get them. It’s relatively easy to find someone who will make custom Pokémon Badges. Just do a quick Google search, there are plenty of savvy entrepreneurs who have taken to the business.

3: Huge Social Media Opportunities

The social media opportunities you can be afforded with Pokémon Go are virtually endless. One way Cork businesses can take advantage of this is by posing for pictures with people who have taken over your Gym and uploading them to your social media profiles. It is a great way to get noticed, if you tag the winners of the battle in each post you will also get seen by a sizeable portion of their friends lists. This will also add a competitive aspect, where people will want to be featured on social media as the winners.

So with the launch of Pokémon Go’s sponsored locations just around the corner in Japan, it’s only a matter of time before they hit Ireland. For Cork business owners this means you no longer have to be lucky enough to be placed near a gym, you can attract customers with Pokémon badge giveaways and you will have an almost never ending source of good content for social media.

21.07.2016 CATEGORY: Local Marketing|News SHARE: all posts