The Future Of AR & VR

24.05.2018 CATEGORY: News SHARE: all posts

Video is one of the most powerful types of content a company can put out there. We are seeing an increase in its use on different online platforms. There are many types of videos but the use of interactive video content is one that seems to be growing in popularity. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are two types of video content that are becoming more and more popular. Augmented Reality is a mixture of digital and the real world interface. It uses a digital overlay of information on the real world. Virtual Reality creates simulated, realistic, three-dimensional, lifelike worlds, offering an immersive computer-generated experience. Marketers have to follow where their current and new audiences are and with AR and VR this allows them the ability to interact with them in brand new ways.

The future of AR & VR is huge and the application possibilities are endless but the two mThe Future Of AR & VRain areas are experiential marketing & gaming. According to newsgenapps, by 2025 there will 216 million AR & VR gamers and the Combined Market size of AR & VR will be $215 Billion.

However, there are still some concerns and issues with Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality which are making brands reluctant to use them in their campaigns and invest heavily in them. The visual experience requires headsets or headgear which are quite big, clunky and expensive, the environments these experiences take place in are not elaborate or developed enough to feel entirely real and also marketers aren’t sure how to track performance or identify KPI’s of AR & VR. When these issues are made easier and a thing of the past then Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality will become a core part of brands marketing efforts especially in the coming 3-5 years.

As these become more adaptive and mainstream, new platforms may arise that can make AR & VR much easier to use. When AR & VR gadgets become more portable they may become a common feature in everyone’s pocket. If companies find that their target audience would interact well with formats of Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality then it is best to get ahead of the pack and begin putting a plan in place for planning a strategy, implementing it, optimising it, tracking and reporting its performance.

Brands should always be quick to adopt new technologies to target consumers and to grow their brand. Using AR and VR  can help engage and interact better with consumers as well as reap rewards such as increased sales. For more information on how you can use video to help your business then book a consultation with us today.

24.05.2018 CATEGORY: News SHARE: all posts