What Is Split Testing?

Split testing, otherwise known as A/B testing or multivariate testing, is a method of controlled testing that we use for our clients to improve specific results through the random splitting of traffic between different variations of a page or ad in order to achieve a desired outcome such as generating more leads. It’s extremely effective and incredibly underutilised by most digital marketing agencies in Ireland.


Increased Leads Through Contact Forms

Contact forms are a fantastic way to generate high quality leads for your business. The user has already shown intent to purchase your products or services by taking the time to fill out the form, which makes the sale far easier to make. Over time, we split test different versions of landing pages against each other. Whichever version is less successful at generating leads through form fill outs will then be removed, and a new version of the page will be developed and tested against the current champion. This constant testing causes consistent incremental improvements in performance which makes a huge impact on the number of leads you can generate. This is especially noticeable with ad campaigns, as it can reduce your cost per lead to a fraction of what it once was.

Increased Calls To Your Business

Another great way to generate leads for your business is through people calling you directly from your website or landing pages. Split testing can also play a huge role in this method of lead generation. If generating phone calls is important for your business, we will use our split testing expertise and experience to create versions of the page that make calls more likely. Those pages will then be tested, the loser removed and tested again and again to get the most phone calls for your business.

Increased Sales

Split testing isn’t just an effective method of generating leads, it’s also great at maximising your opportunity to make sales on ecommerce websites. Through testing, we can find fantastic solutions for product category, product and checkout pages that maximise conversion rates and minimise the number of potential sales you lose along the funnel. Testing also allows us to determine the best ways to maximise cart value. Users will find your website easy and helpful to use while you boost each shoppers value to your company, it’s a win-win situation.

Lowering Of Your Website Bounce Rates

Your bounce rate is the percentage of people who visit your website and view only one page of your site and leave without completing an action. As you can imagine, the lower this number is, the better it is for your business. Split testing allows us to test an unlimited amount of variations of the same page against each other until we find which version of the page that people are least likely to bounce from without taking an action or visiting more pages.

All Around Better Ad Performance

Whether you’re running ads on Google AdWords, Social Media, email campaigns or anywhere else, split testing is always a great idea. Constantly testing different headlines, ad copy, imagery etc allows us to find winning combinations which we can keep testing and improving upon further and further. Your click-through rates will increase, your cost per click will go down and your cost per sale or lead will fall. As an added bonus, we can also take those insights from the ad campaigns and apply them to your website and landing pages to make further improvements down the funnel.

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