2 Things You Should Reverse Engineer For Your Brand

2 Things You Should Reverse Engineer For Your Brand

No matter what activity is done online it leaves a digital footprint or a trace. When companies and different brands compete online, it is there for the whole world to see. All their tactics, implemented strategies and content is there for readers and competitors to see. Watching this online activity and reverse engineering it to make your brand more successful is a great strategy that all companies should be using. Reverse engineering is looking at and analysing something to see how it works in order to duplicate or enhance it for your own benefit. In the case of marketing you should take your competitors and other people’s marketing tactics, strategies and behaviours online and apply them in full or tweaked to give you increased success. Here are 2 things you should reverse engineer for your brand:-


2 Things You Should Reverse Engineer For Your Brand

When looking at other people’s websites and social media accounts you will want to see the content they are putting on them. See what works well, what types of content are getting high engagement levels, what isn’t working well and get yourself some ideas. Articles and posts are full of content so it is important to monitor them to find common themes and relative content you could apply to your business. It is very important to ask yourself some important questions during this process like what keywords, phrases and themes are they using in their content? What themes and topics are getting the most engagement? What types of language and conversation are they using in their content?

Being aware of the content successful brands are using to encourage engagement, build quality backlinks and how they are attracting traffic allows you to save a lot of time and money through trial and error and also to put out the best content to drive results.

What Competitors May Be Missing

Not every competitor or brand you analyse will do everything perfectly. There are a lot of things they won’t choose to do on purpose, they may even just miss out on an opportunity. It is important through the reverse engineering process to identify what needs and wants they are not fulfilling within the market. Forums and customer interaction is a great way to find out what you or industry competitors are not doing effectively or missing out on. You can discover huge untapped opportunities by leveraging their experience in order to increase your chances of success. Stepping in and providing what is missing will have positive effects on your brand not only from a sales perspective but also a brand loyalty one.

To perform well online you must analyse these metrics and use them effectively yourself to improve your company’s results. If you would like to see how we can increase your performance online then call us today on 021-234-8038 or visit us online.