is one of Ireland’s leading ecommerce websites that focus on specialist equipment and gear for professional tree surgeons. Their website was functional up to a point, but it had become severely outdated in the years since its creation and lacked the look and feel of a website you would expect from such an experienced market leading company.

They wanted their website to not only look great, but to be extremely focused on making the customer journey as simple and easy as possible, including a powerful search feature that would automatically show suggested products while a user was typing.


Our Goals For

Create a modern and sleek website that impressed users and got the message of's professionality across


Neatly organise the many categories of products for ease of access for potential customers from their first visit


Come up with and implement a solution for a search function that suggested products to users while they were typing


Our Approach For

  • After meeting with Greg and his team at, we developed a website design that would encompass all of his needs. We showed Greg the design and it was approved once we made minimal changes.
  • As the menu layout was so important for ease of use, we set extra time aside for developing desktop and mobile menus that would make sense to users at a glance even on their first visit to the website.
  • We came up with a solution that we could use in order to meet Greg’s requirement for a powerful search function that suggests products to users as they type into the search bar of the site.


Our Results now have a professional looking, modern website that is highly functional and makes them stand out from their competitors

The website has a clear and concise menu structure on desktop and mobile that allows users to find what they are looking for quickly

The site now has a powerful search function that suggests suitable products to users before they are finished typing

The modern design coupled with the heavy focus on user experience has resulted in a significant increase in conversions