It’s rare for a well established business to have no website these days, but it’s very common for the quality of that website to be low or for there to be no online marketing strategies to drive traffic to that website so that it works to generate sales and leads.

Your Website Represents Your Business.

If you already have a website:

  • Is it good enough?
  • Is it driving sales for your company?
  • Does it come out on top when you benchmark it against your competitors’ websites?

If you answered no to any of those questions or you don’t have a website at all, it’s time to start designing a custom website that can properly represent your business online, fulfill all of the needs of your customers and drive sales and leads.

A well designed and thought out website is the first step to moving your business into the digital age. It doesn’t matter how much traffic your online marketing campaigns are sending to your website if your site is turning potential customers off your business before they even get started.

Increase Traffic To Your Site With Google AdWords

Google AdWords is an incredibly powerful digital marketing tool.

You can also use negative keywords to make sure you don’t pay for searches that aren’t relevant to your products or services.

For example if you sold men’s jackets online, you could target the keyword “winter coats”, whenever someone in your targeted geographical area searches for winter coats your ads will show up.

Then you could add negative keywords like womens, ladies and girls to make sure your ads are put in front of the people that are most likely to make a purchase.

Google AdWords also includes display and dynamic remarketing.

Display remarketing allows us to show your products and services to people who have recently visited your website but might not have completed a purchase or filled out a lead form while they are browsing other parts of the web.

A huge amount of prominent Irish websites like and are on Google’s display network. It helps to build brand awareness and often gets people back into the sales funnel as they may have just got distracted when they first visited your page.

Dynamic remarketing functions in a very similar fashion, however if you are running an ecommerce website it allows us to show the exact products a potential customer was looking at when they were on your site.

When the ad is clicked, they go directly to your product page so that they can complete their purchase.

Drive Traffic To Your Site With Social Media Advertising

You should set up profiles on as many social media platforms as possible, but focus your advertising on the one where your audience is most active. LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram are all options but we find that Facebook is usually the place that gets our clients the best results.

We will have a full discussion with you to determine the social media strategy that is best for your business.

The targeting is based on the information that people give to social media sites like their marital status, age, location, job, how many children they have and much much more. If you’re advertising a niche product like guitar strings for acoustic guitars, you can make sure that only people that have an interest in acoustic guitars see your ads.

This high level of targeting means that you only pay to put your ads in front of the best possible people and no advertising budget is wasted.

Most forms of online advertising differ very substantially from advertising with traditional media in the way that you pay for the ads. If you ran an ad in the newspaper or on radio, you have to pay to be put in front of every reader of that paper or listener of that station, regardless of whether you only want to target a very specific niche.

With Google AdWords and social media marketing, for the most part, you only pay when someone actually shows interest in what you’re offering by interacting with it by clicking on it or liking it etc. With online advertising, you only pay for the results you get. If no-one interacts with your ad in a newspaper, you still have to pay the same amount as if 200,000 did.

If no-one interacts with your ads on Google or social media, you pay nothing.

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