Often customers that you would have gained through word of mouth won’t end up using your services for reasons like not being able to easily find your contact details online, or finding a competitor when they are looking for you.

Having a website is crucial in today’s competitive world.

Once you do have a website, it’s time to start thinking about your digital marketing strategy to start making your website work for you to generate leads, sales and calls to your business.

Depending on your industry, your goals, budget and our meetings with you, we will create a digital marketing strategy using Google AdWords, remarketing, YouTube or social media media advertising or a combination of multiple channels.

Get Any Feature You Need

At CLIQ, we believe in open, honest communication and being as transparent as possible. That goes for the work we do, as well as our pricing. When we give you a quote for a website, we break everything down to be as simplistic as possible. At the end of your proposal you will see an estimate based on the hours we think we can finish your project in, our years of experience in designing and building websites means that our estimates are extremely accurate.

If there’s a feature you want added after the project has already begun, we will offer you a discounted rate on the extra hours it takes if we aren’t able to complete it within the allotted time.

Make Your Website Generate Leads & Sales For Your Business

We use Google AdWords to get your products and services at the top of Google search results right when your potential customers are searching for them.

If you run an ecommerce site we can even use Google Shopping to help boost sales by placing your product along with a title, a brief description and an image above the organic and paid search results. Many industries in Ireland still aren’t utilising Google Shopping properly so it is still relatively cheap.

We can also use Google AdWords to remarket to the people who have recently visited your website but might not have called your office, made a purchase or filled out a lead form while they are browsing other parts of the web like independent.ie or daft.ie.

Do you have a business Facebook page?

If you do, that’s great, if not, we can help set it up for you. Once you have a Facebook page for your business there are a huge amount of promotional opportunities that open up to you. Facebook’s ad targeting is what makes the platform especially powerful. Using information that users have given to Facebook like their age, location, job title, interests and hobbies, we create highly focused targeting strategies so that we can advertise your posts to the people who are most likely to be interested in your services. Facebook also allows you to remarket to previous visitors of your website while they are browsing their feed.

If your website isn’t ecommerce, and you are more interested in using Facebook to generate leads then we can create ads specifically for that purpose. We will create lead ads, when a user clicks the ad they are shown a form that is prepopulated with information they have already given to Facebook like their name and phone number. This can hugely boost conversion rates as, there is a lower chance of your potential customers being put off by having to fill out lengthy forms.