Inflated Traffic Statistics

It’s not uncommon for fake spam traffic to warp your statistics in Google Analytics.

Fake traffic, or fake hits, are generated by bots instead of a human being actually interacting with your site. These bots can crawl thousands of sites a day skewing the numbers of every site they land on.

There are some ways to tell between real and fake traffic so we can help you blacklist and block the sources of your fraudulent traffic so that you get a better idea of real number of users that are accessing your site. Knowing the real number of people accessing your site is crucial if you hope to make any meaningful improvements.

Improperly Set Up Forms Or Call Buttons

What can sometimes happen is that the lead forms on your website and the click to call buttons might not actually be working properly. This will usually have been an issue from day 1 that was never caught by your developer and it can lead to a significant fall off in calls and leads.

Maybe there are people filling out the forms, but they are going to the wrong email address so you aren’t getting them. The click to call buttons might be either not functional at all, or even worse, going to the wrong number.

So even if a user does try to call you, they get through to someone else which wastes the potential for them to become a customer and also reflects badly on your business.

Ugly Web Design

If the first thing a potential customer sees when they click on a link to visit you online is an old fashioned and ugly website, they have a much higher chance of bouncing from your site and using a competitor’s services instead.

When a user visits your website, it’s often the first time they have heard of your company.

First impressions count for a lot, and your website should give users the best first impression possible of your business.

Unclear Call To Actions (CTA’s)

Non User Friendly UI

Having unclear or multiple CTA’s can make a simple task like filling out a lead form overcomplicated. Each page should focus on one main action that you want the user to take, that could be to add a product to their basket or call your office.

You should focus on one goal, trying to get people to make a purchase, sign up to your newsletter, fill out a form and call you all at the same it isn’t a good strategy.

If there are too many different CTA’s, your message gets watered down and they distract away from the main goal of the page.

Your website’s user interface (UI), is critically important in generating sales, leads and calls for your business.

Your entire website should be designed around making the experience of going on your website a good experience for all of your potential customers. It should be extremely easy for them to browse your website and quickly find the information or products they are looking for.

The less clicks a person has to make before getting their desired result, the better.

No Dedicated Landing Pages

If you are trying to generate leads and sales through online advertising with Google AdWords, sometimes sending traffic directly to one of your regular website pages isn’t enough.

There are often too many distractions on web pages that can detract from your conversions such as links to other pages in your top navigation menu, links to social media profiles etc.

The less choices on the page the better.

The result is a steady and measurable increase in your conversion rates, bring your cost per lead to a fraction of its original price.