Old Fashioned Websites Hurt Your Appeal

Just because a website was great 5 years ago, doesn’t mean it still is today.

Over 50% of the traffic on our clients sites comes from users on their mobile devices.

If you want to get an edge on your competition, your site simply has to better fulfill the needs of your customers than your competitors.

It should have a modern design, be extremely user friendly on every platform and drive conversions.

Slow Loading Websites Drive Customers Away

Well, so does everyone else. People have come to expect websites to load at lightning speed, and they hold your website to the same high standards.

For every extra second it takes your pages to load, you are losing potential customers and pouring the revenue they could have brought to your business down the drain.

Every single second that can be shaved off of your website load time, can increase your revenue.

When we build websites, we build them speed in mind

We know just how important it is and we custom build each site so there is no excess code that needs to be loaded. We also ensure that we compress the images we use so that they have a much smaller file size while still being of a very high quality.

Our methods go a long way to getting your website to load as quickly as possible, but it’s not all about how it’s built. It’s sometimes not good enough to have a well built site that’s optimised for speed, to get it to load as fast as possible you may also need managed hosting.

To further improve page load speed, even during busy times, we also provide a managed hosting service. This ensures that your website always runs at its best.

This service also includes an SSL certificate which encrypts information that visitors send to you through your site, can help your Google rankings and also gives you a padlock icon in the search bar so your customers know your site is secure.

Your Website Should Drive Leads & Sales