If you’re spending a lot on Google AdWords and everything isn’t tracked properly, you could be missing out on huge opportunities when it comes to tweaking your account for optimal performance and maximising ROI.

AdWords Allows For Huge Levels Of Conversion Tracking

AdWords not only allows us to track leads, products sold and calls made to your business, but we can actually see the date, time and the specific ad and keyword they used to get them there.

Over tince when it comes to optimising your account and making theme, this makes a huge a differe most out of your budget.

For example if you had a bicycle shop and you were advertising bicycle puncture repair kits and replacement bicycle tyres. If they had used €500 each of your budget and the puncture repair kits had lead to 300 conversions and the replacement tyres had lead to just 20 conversions, we would know that we should allocate more of the budget towards the puncture repair kits.

The more things we can track, the more success we can have with optimising and expanding your campaign down the line.

Split Testing Is Key

So for example if you had 5 ads in an ad group and 3 variations of a landing page those ads go to, all of the possible ads would be competing against each other and all of the landing pages would also be in competition to see which versions work the best to generate clicks, leads and sales for your business.

Over time, these constant performance improvements can lead to huge jumps in click through rates and conversion rates while also significantly lowering your cost per click and cost per conversion.

So every new lead/sale becomes cheaper to get through AdWords and your budget can bring in more and more customers at the same cost.

Trust An Agency With Google Seal Of Approval

The accounts that Google Partner accounts manage are regularly checked in on by Google to make sure they are being managed to a high standard and the employees of the agency also have to undergo regular testing and examinations to make sure they are up to date on all of the latest trends and best practices.

If any account isn’t being managed to the high standard that’s expected, or the agency hasn’t been keeping up to date with their exams, then they will lose their Partner badge.