More Important Than Ever To Have A Great Online Presence

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More Important Than Ever To Have A Great Online PresenceMore Important Than Ever To Have A Great Online Presence

On Tuesday the 27th of March the St. Patrick’s street car ban is coming into effect.

With access to the city centre getting more difficult it is more critical than ever for businesses in the city to be selling well and have a great presence online.

This ban is not going to encourage people to the heart of cork city but drive them away thus driving business sales down. Cork city business owner, Eddie Mullins, said to the Irish Examiner

“This partial ban defies logic and will cause chaos and confusion”

“If you create confusion or vagueness at all when you’re trying to appeal to customers, it’s recipe for disaster.”

“This ban to reduce and improve traffic in cork city will cut off the lifeblood of the city and cause confusion and chaos.”

The area from merchants quay to daunt square will operate as a bus lane for the duration of the ban, with motorists facing a fixed charge fine of €60 for driving in the area during 3pm-6.30pm.

In a world where more than a third of people are online regularly, it is essential to tap into that opportunity and show your business to as many potential customers as possible. The benefits to your business having a good online presence are potentially huge. You should know why increasing your business’ online presence should be part of your strategy now to maximise the opportunity in the current environmental/market conditions your business faces.

There are a number of reasons you want a good online presence here are the 3 most crucial benefits:-

1)   Help Your Customers To Find You

Where do you look first when you’re trying to find a product or service? For 81% of people, the internet is where they first search for a product or service. Your customers and potential customers are online and if you’re not in front of them first, then a competitor of yours will come in and take the business from you.

2)   Reach More People

Getting online allows you to remove the limit on the number of people who can see your ads and the products you offer. You can literally reach people all over the world. Online, you have access to powerful marketing tools like Google (can show your ads on over two million websites and over 650,000 apps) and social media (Facebook has over 1billion users and Instagram over 800 million users). Nowadays it’s all about reaching people where they hang out and talking to them about things that interest them. To do that successfully, you need to be online.

3)   Build A Stronger Brand

Your company’s brand is what differentiates you from others within your industry.  

People are often drawn to a business because of different factors like the way they present themselves, the beliefs and principles the company stands for and the way they speak to and interact with customers.“Potential buyers who feel a ‘high brand connection’ are 60% more likely to purchase”. Social Media allows you to show your brand’s personality, blogging lets you express what’s important to you and your website itself is the place where people can explore and learn everything about your brand. Marketing your business and standing out from the crowd will drive sales online and footfall in stores.

If you only have minimal visibility online or don’t yet have any presence and would like to learn more then visit us online or contact us on 021-234-8038.

23.03.2018 CATEGORY: Digital Marketing|eCommerce SHARE: all posts