iPhone Photography Tips/Tricks That Will Significantly Improve Your Photos

iPhone Photography Tips/Tricks That Will Significantly Improve Your Photos

People say, the best camera is the one you’ve got with you and for many of us nowadays, that camera is our iPhones. Apple iPhones are known for their great cameras, their design makes it very easy to take great photos. However, there is a thin line between taking good photos and taking great ones. These simple and easy iPhone photography tips/tricks that will significantly improve your photos for your content marketing campaigns.

1. Use The Camera Shortcut

iPhone Photography Tips/Tricks That Will Significantly Improve Your Photos

Your iPhone is always there with you to capture photo-worthy moments in your life, even the sudden and unexpected ones. If you want or need to take a quick shot of something, you need speed on your side. You may not have that speed if you have to unlock your phone, tap on the camera icon and wait for it to load. A simple easy way to eliminate this process and save valuable seconds is to swipe up on the iPhone camera shortcut from the Lock screen. You can quickly take a picture with no significant wait time. While in an app or on your home screen similarly by swiping up from the bottom of the screen to activate control center, then tapping on the camera button will open up your camera allow you take that quick snapshot.

2. Shoot From A Low Angle

The majority of photos you see taken are from the neutral, chest high position. As this may be the most convenient way to take pictures, it may not be the best always. There are always more creative ways, angles and perspectives to take snapshots from. Often the best way to do this is to captures moments on camera from a lower angle. Your pictures will become more intriguing as they allow you to see moments in a new way. By capturing photos from a lower angle you can show your subject with nothing but the beautiful background. This is great for removing any unwanted distractions and making the photos main subject stand out more. Also, you show interesting details in the foreground that would be lost otherwise.

3. Use Burst Mode

Burst mode is a cool feature which allows you to take a burst of lots of images in quick succession. This is available for the iPhone 5s and upward. The burst photo option is great for capturing the best images. Burst mode snaps clear pictures of moving subjects but also works well when your camera is moving. By taking pictures in quick succession, you’re more likely to get a clear shot and you have more options to choose from and get the best picture for whatever that maybe whether that be for social media, your blog or just to have as a memory of a┬áparticular moment. To shoot in Burst mode, just tap and hold down the shutter button or volume up button when you want to begin. When you hold down the shutter button, you’ll see a counter appear at the bottom of your screen, this lets you know how many image shots you’ve taken. To stop, just simply lift up your finger and the burst of images will be saved to your camera roll.

Quality images make every moment better, by taking these tips/tricks and incorporating them into your photography then you are sure to take better quality images. Visit us online today and book a consultation to see how we can help increase your brands’ success.