How To Install Window 8 From A USB Stick

05.06.2012 CATEGORY: News SHARE: all posts


A few days ago microsoft made available its release preview. I’m installing it on to a seperate hard drive as a clean install I don’t wan’t to dual boot or anything like that I wan’t to leave my current stable setup unouched. So for me the easiest thing is to do a clean install from USB to a spare hard drive. So it do this:

1. Download the ISO of the Window 8 Release Preview here

2. Download the Windows 7 USB tool here

Once you have both of these downloaded, open up the windows 7 USB tool and follow the instructions.

  • Select your windows 8 ISO file
  • Select the USB drive you wish to put Windows 8 on (Remember this will wipe any info thats already on your usb)
  • Then wait for it to do it’s thing and you’ve got the windows 8 relese preview ready to install from USB (The USB tool should look like this when it works successfully)




05.06.2012 CATEGORY: News SHARE: all posts