Google Calendar Turns 10 & Launches Goals

13.04.2016 CATEGORY: News SHARE: all posts

Google Calendar Turns 10 & Launches GoalsGoogle Calendar is a lifesaver for so many people, it allows you to easily organise events and meetings in seconds. Many businesses have become so dependant on it they may cease to function if they had to go back to paper calendars. Not satisfied with that, Google has released a new feature for their mobile calendar app to coincide with Calendars’ 10th birthday.

The new feature in question is “goals”. Google Calendar now allows you to set goals for yourself that you actually want to complete but more often than not seem to fall by the wayside. Goals starts out with vanilla goals like “workout” and “me time”, however it’s fully customisable so your choices of goals are endless.

Google has made setting up goals extremely easy they just ask you a few simple questions like how often you want to complete the goal, for how long, what time you would like to do it at and what the goal itself is. So for example you could set the goal to “learn a new language”, twice a week, for one hour in the evening time.

If the goal is in direct conflict with another event such as a meeting, it will be rescheduled automatically to a more suitable time. Also you will be glad to hear that you can defer your goals at any time and Google Calendar will pencil them in for a more suitable time. Google Calendar then uses machine learning to figure out what times and days are best for you by determining what days and times you defer your goals and the days and times that you successfully complete them. So the more you defer and complete your goals, the better Google Calendar gets at scheduling times for you to complete them.

So far Google Calendars new goals feature, released today for Google Calendars’ 10th birthday, looks like it will be a great asset for people with hectic schedules who never quite seem to be able to carve out some personal time to accomplish their goals. If you haven’t tried it out already then test it out now, it might just become as indispensable as Google Calendar already is today.

13.04.2016 CATEGORY: News SHARE: all posts