Google AdWords Expanded Text Ads – 2 Best Practices

Google AdWords Expanded Text Ads - 2 Best Practices

Google AdWords Expanded Text Ads - 2 Best PracticesGoogle AdWords expanded text ads (ETA’s) bring a fantastic opportunity for PPC advertisers everywhere to figure out how to best use those 45 extra characters. However with the rise of the ETA comes the end of standard AdWords text ads and their best practices along with them. Here are 2 best practices for Google AdWords expanded text ads.

1: Focus On Your Headlines

Google’s ETA’s allow you to use two 30 character headlines for each ad. This affords you double opportunity to grab the searchers attention and differentiate yourself from your competition like never before. You should however be aware that you don’t have full control over how your second headline is displayed. At Google’s discretion both headlines may appear on the same line with the second headline appearing after a line break or worse, Google can truncate your second headline. This depends on the length of your headlines, the user’s device and the user’s screen size. For this reason, you should make headline #1 a standalone attention grabbing headline and use headline #2 to expand on why the user should click your ad.

2: Don’t Pause Old Ads Immediately

When something like ETA’s come along it’s tempting to go wholeheartedly into the out with the old and in with the new philosophy. But it’s incredibly important that you don’t jump the gun and pause all of your standard text ads immediately. This is especially true if you have some older ads that have withstood all the split testing you could throw at them. Test your new expanded ads against the older ones to see who comes out on top. If your ETA’s are a clear winner, then it is time to start retiring the old champions. Making the transition in a careful and controlled manner is the best way to achieve optimum results.

Expanded text ads in Google AdWords give you a fantastic chance to improve your click through rates and differentiate yourself from your competition for search queries. Focus on your headlines, especially #1 as you don’t have full control over how Google chooses to display your ad to users. You should also resist pausing all of your old ads immediately and replacing them with ETA’s, testing is the only way to find out how you can further improve your ads.