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Deep-Insight – Website

Deep-Insight is a leading European B2B Customer Experience (CX) company founded in 2000 by a small team of ‘magicians’ with one goal: researching a way to read customers’ minds.

Over a period of nearly 10 years of trying to identify the success factors of several hundred European companies, Deep-Insight put together the analytical engine that forms the basis for analysing Customer Experience and Employee Engagement. Today the website we created serves customers all over the world and is consistently monitored to improve the services sought from Deep-Insight. The website is lead gen focused and highlights the skills, tools and methodologies used by us to give customers an operational world-class CX programme and transform their organisation. 

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our goals for Deep-Insight



Drive traffic at a profitable cost per customer for Deep-Insights range of services


Increase brand awareness & further associate the Deep Insight brand with the services they provide


Increase the number of clients using Deep-Insights for their services.

Our Approach To Deep Insights

We designed a great website for Deep-Insights with a dynamic and easy to use interface. We developed the website to align the brand identity of the company as well as drive and increase leads for the company. Great user-experience goes hand in hand with excellent customer experience so the clear design was a vital aspect of our delivery on the project.


We built the website with potential clients in mind. There is a log-in button for clients on the top menu and the website is also highly lead-gen focused.


We used customer-focused testimonials and a range of social proof opportunities to give the website trustability and to allow potential clients to learn more.


We built customisable sections to showcase the service provided by Deep-Insights. We made sure everything would able to be reused and edited so that Deep-Insights could add content in the future without having to come back and pay a developer.


Deep-Insight Results



Deep-Insights has a fast loading website with a great user experience.


The new site was built with the user in mind so it's simple to find info on services, case studies and social proof/testimonials in seconds.


It's easy for users to read about and get in contact with Deep-Insight.