Another 3 Reasons Your Website Has A High Bounce Rate

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Another 3 Reasons Your Website Has A High Bounce RateLowering bounce rates is a great way to boost the overall performance of your website. While it may not directly affect SEO, high bounce rates are a huge impediment to lead and sale generation. In a previous article I mentioned several causes for above average bounce rates, here are another 3 reasons your website has a high bounce rate.

1: Broken Pages

Blank or broken pages cause bounce rates to go through the roof. If a user clicks through on to a page or piece of content and are left with a page that doesn’t load in properly or an error 404, most likely they will leave immediately. Go to your search console and check under crawl errors, from there you will be able to find a list of all the pages that Google bots have issues reaching. Once you have your list you can begin fixing the problems, if you are unable then you should get in contact with an SEO expert and hire them to help you with it.

2: Intrusive Ads & Offers

Another factor that can have a negative impact on your bounce rates is if your pages bombard visitors with ads from other companies or intrusive offers for your own products/services. This can include pop-ups that are completely irrelevant to the subject and other disruptive content like auto-playing video ads. This is especially disruptive when the sound on the auto-play is automatically turned on. Rather than looking around the page to find which ad is causing the noise, many people will bounce and move on to the next site.

3: Poor Grammar & Spelling Mistakes

If the page that visitors land on is filled with grammar mistakes and spelling errors, you will see a very high bounce rate. Not only does it make your message more difficult to comprehend but it also affects the trust that the average user has in your company. Go through your pages with high bounce rates with a fine tooth comb and correct any flaws you can find. Running your content through grammar checking software is an efficient way to do this if you don’t have time to painstakingly go over everything yourself. 

Your website’s bounce rate could be high because you have broken pages that fail to load, you are bombarding users with intrusive ads/offers or you have grammar and spelling errors that make visitors lose trust in your company. All of these errors can be easily fixed with some help from a web design and SEO specialist. Start lowering your bounce rates today.

09.01.2017 CATEGORY: SEO|Web Design SHARE: all posts