7 Quick SEO Tips For Small Business Owners

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Search Engine Optimisation is crucial for small business owners, without it your business simply won’t be seen online. People may search for products or services that you provide, but you won’t be in the results. While large enterprises might have teams of people in charge of this, most small businesses don’t have in house search engine optimisers, so the taskwill fall to you. Here are 7 SEO Tips For Small Business Owners.

1: Onsite & Offsite SEO

Both solid onsite and offsite SEO are required for you to make any meaningful progress.

2: Be Patient

Improvements to SEO generally don’t dramatically alter your position in search rankings overnight. Have some patience and give it the time it needs, this can be months in some cases. The newer your website, the longer it can take for changes to be noticed.

3: The Same Strategy Doesn’t Always Work

If someone else has had success with a strategy that doesn’t necessarily mean it will work for you. There are so many variables when it comes to search engine optimisation that there frankly can’t be a one fits all approach that works.

4: Remove Duplicate Content

Having identical or very similar content on different pages of your website is one of the quickest ways to start losing rank. Removing all of the duplicate content you find on your site will help you avoid being penalised.

5: Create Content For People

Create content that will be of some value to a user who reads it. The days of keyword stuffing to fool search engines are gone.

7 Quick SEO Tips For Small Business Owners

The more original content you can generate the better. This can be articles, videos, social media posts etc. Search engines reward websites for being active and the more content you have on your site the easier it is for a potential customer to trust you. However it’s extremely important that your content isn’t copied from somewhere else on the web. Copying content can have detrimental effects to the whole site, not just the page with the copied material.

7: Don’t Join A Link Network

Link networks might seem like a good idea at the time, but the reward is low and the risk of your website being penalised is very high.

In conclusion remember to do both onsite and offsite seo, be patient and wait for the changes to take effect, don’t rely too heavily on a strategy that has worked in the past, delete any duplicate content on your site, create as much content as you can for people not search engines, and avoid joining any shady link networks.

15.03.2016 CATEGORY: SEO SHARE: all posts