5 Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Website in 2016

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5 Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Website in 2016

When you are running a small top medium sized business and don’t have an army of marketers at your beck and call, it can be a daunting task to try drive customers to your website over your competitors’. However this guide should make it a little bit easier for you to not only compete, but start to beat larger companies in terms of web traffic. This is 5 ways to drive traffic to your website in 2016.

1: Spend More Time On Your Headlines

It’s crucial that your headlines are attention grabbing, 80% of people just read the headline of an ad and move on. Taking more time to perfect your headlines will mean more people click through your ad and onto your website.

2: Blog As Much As Possible

Writing blogs on your website is a proven way to increase traffic through several means such as social media referrals. However it’s important that you vary the articles as much as you can and try to have them all be unique.

3: Promote Your Blogs On Facebook

As you may have heard Facebook has dramatically cut back on their organic search. So for 2016 this means that if the posts aren’t ads, almost no one will even see the content that you have worked so hard to create. You should set aside a budget for this to target your custom audience and to remarket on social media.

4: Proper Website SEO

It’s now almost impossible to manipulate search engine rankings through web trickery, so making your website look as nice as possible for the users and for search engine robots is the way you must improve your SEO in 2016. Software such as SEMrush can completely test and audit your sites SEO, telling you what needs to be removed or improved.

5: Build An Email List

The use of emails can be great to promote your social media pages. But it can also be a huge driver of traffic to your website through newsletter or deal referrals. Put a newsletter opt in button on your website and your ready to start driving traffic to your website for 2016.

All of these tips should help all of you running smaller businesses to compete with the big guys. If you have any questions or want to further improve your website traffic click the link below to be contacted.


03.01.2016 CATEGORY: SEO|Social Media SHARE: all posts