4 Tips For Simple & Effective Social Media Posts

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It can be hard to find time in the day to conduct business and manage your social media obligations. However creating a post for social media doesn’t have to take a huge portion of your day, in fact shorter posts generally perform better. If you are ever stuck for time but need to get a post up use these 4 tips for simple and effective social media posts.

1: Facts & Tips

Everyone loves a good fact or a helpful tip, it’s ingrained in us. It doesn’t matter what business you are in, you will always have some kind of helpful fact or tip to share with your audience. For example if you are running a plumbing company you could give people tips on what they shouldn’t put down the drain or how to avoid burst pipes in the winter.

2: Current Events

If something is happening in your industry, comment on it and ask what the users take on the situation is. For example a few months ago Samsung started making high-tech fridges that allow you to order groceries straight from the fridge itself. If you sell fridges that would be a prime opportunity to comment. Not only would it increase your interaction rate but you could also gauge how popular the fridges will be if you choose to sell them.4 Tips For Simple & Effective Social Media Posts

3: Images

A study from Kissmetrics shows that photo based posts generate 53% more likes and boast a 84% higher CTR. Even if you have a hectic schedule you can surely take the time to snap a photo of the birthday cake that was brought in or one of your branded vehicles on a job. These images don’t have to be masterpieces, simple images are extremely effective in increasing user engagement.

4: Successes Of Previous Clients

Posting about how your products or services has helped someone achieve a personal or business goal in the past is a quick and effective. An example of this would be if your business is a gym and you posted congratulating one of your clients on losing 20 pounds. Just make sure your customer is comfortable with you posting about them first.

Hopefully these 4 social media post tips can help you do some quick posts when you simply don’t have enough time on your hands. If social media obligations still eating into your work day, you should consider hiring a social media management company to stay on top of things for you.

11.03.2016 CATEGORY: Social Media SHARE: all posts