4 Steps To Simplify Your Local Marketing Strategy

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4 Steps To Simplify Your Local Marketing Strategy

Marketing for local business owners can get very complicated, very quickly. New technologies rolling out constantly means business owners have to be on their toes. As a business owner, your target audience is fragmented across over countless platforms. However in this article I will be sharing the 4 steps to simplify your local marketing strategy that you need to follow to make your marketing more straightforward to carry out.


1: Don’t Give Too Much Information

By this I don’t mean don’t give any information, just keep it to what’s relevant and elicits the response you are going for. If a user is berated with information, your message will be lost and they will be left uninterested. Use only one call to action at a time, use text to describe the action you want to take. For example if you have a service and an online booking facility the CTA could be “book now” and bring them to your booking page. If your ad has extensions and sitelinks, ensure they give simple instructions that require immediate action. You can also include a link to your website for those who want more detailed information. If you simplify the experience for the customer, you simplify and focus your marketing.


2: Be Specific With Your Target Audience

Being specific when it comes to your target audience is a key step in simplifying your marketing efforts. Learning who is most likely to respond to your ads is very important when it comes to simplifying your message. Create as many detailed customer profiles as you can, the more detail the better. It sounds the opposite of simplification, but the more data you have available to you, the easier it becomes to target them effectively by streamlining marketing and ridding you of wasted efforts.


3: Consolidate Your Data

Bringing all of your data together in one place makes a huge difference in simplifying marketing efforts. You can gather all of the specific data on your customers in the world, but if it’s not readily available to you in one place then it makes the analysis, management and the actual use of the data difficult and over complicated.


4: Reuse Content Across All Platforms

Large companies often hire different teams to take care of each different social media platform they are on. However for small businesses who aim to simplify their local marketing strategies, this is a waste of time and resources. You are better off creating one high quality piece of content and sharing it across all of your media channels. Reusing your media targets the same type of customer across multiple platforms with the message as you intend it. This can simplify your local marketing strategy significantly as it can cut down work in content generation by a huge degree.


Follow these 4 simple steps to simplify your local marketing strategy and you will be well on your way to running straightforward marketing campaigns. Keep the information short and to the point, do some work on creating customer profiles and target them specifically, bring your data to one place so it can be used easily and effectively and finally don’t be afraid to reuse content across multiple media channels. Hopefully these 4 simple steps will get you back on the right track if you are feeling overwhelmed.

24.01.2016 CATEGORY: AdWords|Social Media SHARE: all posts