4 Reasons Visitors Are Vacating Your Website

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4 Reasons Visitors Are Vacating Your Website

In this article I will be going over some online marketing practices that can be very frustrating for web users. These practices often turn away potential clients or put people off who would otherwise be regularly using your website. Here are common frustrating practices used today that may be the 4 reasons visitors are vacating your website.

1: Leading Users To The Wrong Content

When a user searches your website for something, that is exactly what they want to see. They clicked on your site hoping that the next page would give them what they searched for. Dropping a visitor on your homepage or in the middle of a confusing catalogue can end up in the visitor quickly closing the tab and going on to the next potential company.

2: Lists With Too Many Pages

Everybody loves a nice top 10 list, however it drives users away when the aforementioned list is only available when they keep clicking links. Depending on how many ads pop up it can often  take 12-13 clicks just to see a list of 10 things. Users like this even less on a
mobile device as it can be difficult to close down the ads. You’re much more likely to retain a user and have them come back to your site multiple times or sign up if it is a nicely laid out list with just one or two pages.

3: Unclear Calls To Action

If you are involved in online marketing or indeed any online business, chances are there are specific actions the the page that you want users to take. You must make it easy for the users to take these actions or they are liable to become frustrated and leave your site and abandon the conversion. Having a clear call to action that is highly visible at all times is crucial to keep the user on track for a conversion.

4: No Mobile Optimization

It’s now common knowledge that your website has to be mobile optimized if you hope to ever be in the top results on Google. It really is essential, however there should also be an emphasis on making the experience a good one for mobile users. The addition of features such as click to call buttons and properly functioning maps integration can add to this and make mobile users feel more at home on your site.

If you avoid these mistakes and concentrate on good web design you can make the whole experience far less frustrating for users, which in turn will allow you to retain them or get a conversion from them with far less effort and a much higher conversion rate.

16.10.2015 CATEGORY: webdesign SHARE: all posts