3 Things Every AdWords Novice Should Be Doing

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3 Things Every AdWords Novice Should Be DoingIf you have just created your first Google AdWords account, your head is probably spinning with the amount of options and details that are available to you. All of the features within AdWords have a role to play in the success of different campaigns, but here are the 3 things every AdWords novice should be doing out of the gate.

1: Determine Conversion Value

Before you launch head first into a campaign it’s important that you work out how much each conversion is worth to you, so you can measure the success of your campaign. Once you have worked out the value of a conversion, you should immediately set up conversion tracking. The conversion value from one campaign to the next can have vast differences, so it’s important to work it out before hand. For example if you owned a car dealership and you want to run campaigns for sales of new cars valued at €30,000 and another for car servicing for €150, your conversion value will be very different.

2: Start Small

If you are relatively new to AdWords and you are managing the account yourself, it’s imperative that you start out small. Choose a small section of the products/services you sell or your target locations and build your initial campaigns. This way, if you do make any mistakes, they will have a far smaller effect on your bottom line. You will also be able to find out what works for you and what doesn’t without using up a large chunk of your budget. Apply the insights you have gained from your smaller campaigns to your new campaigns, building slowly and steadily.

3: Create A Negative Keyword List

Negative keywords allow you to withhold your ads when certain words are added into a search term. For example if you ran a shop that only sells cowboy hats, some of the negative keywords you could add would be cap, baseball, beanie etc. A good negative keyword list is probably the single best way to reduce wasted expenditure and increase the CTR of your ads. No campaign should ever run without one. A good way to find new negative keywords to add to your list is going through the search terms that your ad showed up for, continue by adding any irrelevant search terms to your negative keyword list. You can find your search terms from your campaigns tab, click on the dimensions tab and then select the “View: Search Terms” option.

As you develop more campaigns and gain more experience with AdWords, move on to more advanced methods. But when you are a novice remember to determine the value of a conversion for each campaign or ad group, start out small and expand slowly based on your findings and create an extensive negative keyword list, updating it as often as you can.

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31.08.2016 CATEGORY: AdWords|Digital Marketing SHARE: all posts