3 Different Types Of Marketing Videos Your Company Should Create

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Video has become extremely important in a brands marketing strategy on every platform and channel online. The use of video should be the focal point in your outreach and marketing efforts. It is a game-changing tactic that can effectively capture the attention of your target market, increase brand awareness, help you become more visible online and increase overall sales. Videos are quickly becoming the best way to connect with people, viewers, followers and potential consumers. An effective video marketing strategy can provide one of the highest ROI for any company. In this article, we will be showing you 3 different types of marketing videos your company should create and implement into your marketing strategy.

1. Brand Videos

Brand videos are a great way to introduce your company to viewers. Showing them your values, visions and the core of your brand will give people an indication of what your business is about. Use visuals, sounds and storytelling to get your brand message and what you do across effectively. Emphasise your brands’ core values and show how your company is unique. People will have a much easier time remembering your company if your brand video is memorable. When constructing a brand video, think not too long in duration, unique and create value for the viewer. 3 Different Types Of Marketing Videos Your Company Should CreateThe goal of a brand video is to describe, build trust, attract your target audience and perceive your brand as one of the best in the industry.

2. Product Review Videos

Product review videos allow you to promote a product better than showing it in action. Talking about a specific product in many different facets gives people a better indication of what the product does and all the benefits of it. People like to look at product reviews before making a purchase because they feel more confident about the quality of the product and it will justify them spending their money buying it. Reviewing a particular product in detail and showing the superiority of it will work wonders for your company. These types of videos build viewers’ trust in products and are extremely effective. Showing how your product works and telling viewers how good it is, convinces them of its benefits which then, in turn, leads to more sales.

3. Event/Live Videos

Posting videos of events your brand are involved in is a great way to increase brand awareness and acknowledge your involvement in an event. If your business is hosting a conference, fundraiser or another type of event, you can produce an overview or highlight video from an event. Social media platforms also allow you to showcase an event in a variety of different forms. Facebook and Instagram live will allow you to broadcast the entirety of an event in real time to anyone looking at your Facebook or Instagram pages. The Snapchat and Instagram stories feature lets you share small snippets of an event, with the opportunity of adding location-marketing geotags, filters and cool additives to enhance your content. These live videos hook people because people don’t want to miss anything exciting and like to feel apart of an event. These types of videos can take the viewer behind the scenes of different processes, into limited access rooms, backstage or show any other aspect that general people or attendees don’t get to see. Even those attending the event can tune in and see what’s happening. These types of videos give the viewers a better understanding of a brand and the environments in which they operate.

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14.05.2018 CATEGORY: Content Marketing|Digital Marketing|Social Media SHARE: all posts