3 Benefits Of Advertising On Facebook

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3 Benefits Of Advertising On FacebookSocial media gives you a platform to reach existing and potential new customers in creative, unique and innovative ways. Through the content you share on your company’s profile, the way you interact with people and your overall presence, you can show exactly what your brand is all about. Facebook is one of those platforms which is the most popular with over 1 billion active users worldwide. There are many benefits to using Facebook as a company to impact your business positively. Here are 3 benefits of advertising on Facebook

1: More Inbound Traffic

Facebook has the most amount of users of any social media platform, so using Facebook to market your products or services is a great opportunity to reach a large number of people to introduce your business to them.If you’re not using social media to advertise then your inbound traffic is limited to your usual customers. Utilising Facebook ads as part of your marketing strategy will make it easy to reach new customers and see significant business growth.

Adding Facebook to your social media marketing strategy is adding a social tool which will increase traffic to your profile or to your website, and every piece of content you post is another opportunity to inform/acquire a new customer. Syndicating your content on Facebook through advertising allows your potential customers to reach and interact with your brand. Facebook ads can assist in sending customers with an interest in your products/services or the ad which you’ve created directly to your site to find more information or to make a purchase.

2: Higher Conversion Rates

Studies have illustrated that social media advertising has a 100% higher lead-to-close rate than outbound marketing (Social Media Today). With increased visibility from Facebook ads, your business gains more opportunities to be seen which in turn gives more opportunity for conversion. Every ad, image, video and piece of content may lead viewers to your company’s website to complete an action of value for your business. When companies are interactive by posting content and engaging with consumers on their point of views/preferences/opinions, it personifies a brand in a particular way. People like to do business with people, rather than with companies so the more positive an impression you make on a visitor on social media, the more likely they are to think of and use your company when the need for your products or services arises.

3: Cost-Effective

Facebook advertising is possibly the most cost-efficient advertising platform in a marketing strategy. Signing up and creating a Facebook profile is free, creating and posting content is free which may be enough for smaller businesses as they may not have the capital to invest in advertising. Any paid ads/promotions you decide to invest in to go the extra mile and promote it further, paying for promotion will help increase exposure thus sales/conversions which are a relatively low cost compared to other marketing strategies.

The amount of people you reach for the amount of money you spend is significantly better value for money when compared to traditional media advertising platforms. You can promote your business on Facebook for any budget amount you choose. You have to set up an ad campaign, and Facebook will work with your budget. Being cost-effective is great because you can test different ad creatives with a very low budget and only give large portions of the budget to the ads that are performing best.

If you decide to use paid advertising on Facebook, always start small and as you become more comfortable and familiar with the platform fine tune your strategy, use different tactics and increase your budget to see the true power of social media advertising. Just by spending a small amount of time and money you can significantly increase your conversion rates and eventually get a huge return on investment on the money you initially invested.

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09.03.2018 CATEGORY: Social Media SHARE: all posts