3 Analytical Techniques To Help You Raise Your Conversion Rates

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3 Analytical Techniques To Help You Raise Your Conversion RatesImproving your conversion rates and generating sales online is more than just creating a website for your business. In order to grow you have to be able to put yourself in your consumer’s shoes and imagine how they will use your website. Today I will be sharing 3 analytical techniques to help you raise your conversions and take the guess work out of online advertising.

1: Click Path Analysis

Click path analysis allows you to see what visitors are doing from the moment they first click on your website. This helps in learning the behaviour of your customers so you can adapt your marketing efforts. You can see how many times customers visit your page before they make a purchase, which pages are navigated to most frequently and which pages have the highest bounce rates. Furthermore you can gather information about when your site was shared via social media, the amount of clicks, page load speed and buyer personas so you can target your market more efficiently. For e-commerce websites you can even see what items were put into and taken out of the shopping cart as well as time spent and items actually purchased. All of these features make click path analysis a fundamental part of your online marketing strategy as it gives you an in depth look at your customers behaviour and allows you adapt and plan accordingly.

2: Conversion Rate Optimizer

Most businesses conversion rates consist of the number of people who all took a certain action. This can include things such as filling out a form, calling your business, clicking a link or making a purchase. They are different for nearly every business online. Through analysis and funnels conversion rate optimizer shows you why people aren’t converting. Setting up goals and funnels in Google Analytics allows you to determine where in the process you are losing customers and how to overcome the issues and improve your conversion rate. It doesn’t matter how good you think your conversion rate is, it can always be better.

3: Split Testing

Split testing is the most effective way to improve your conversion rates. You run multiple strategies for the same product or service at the same time and compare the results. The more tests that you run, the better understanding you begin to get of your customer. If you understand your customers better than your competitors do then you gain a distinct advantage in conversions.

To convert well online you must analyze metrics and rely on them to improve your results. The more analytical work that you can do the better as it means you get a better understanding of your customers. These were just a few analytical techniques to get started, the further you delve into analytics the higher your conversion rates will consistently become.

21.09.2015 CATEGORY: AdWords SHARE: all posts