2 Ways Link Building Can Help Your Business

28.06.2018 CATEGORY: Digital Marketing|SEO SHARE: all posts

Link building is a marketing tactic of acquiring links from other websites back to your own website. Quality backlinks are a key part of Google2 Ways Link Building Can Help Your Business’s algorithm, they can be the deciding factor that shows a particular website at the top of the search results page. Even though link building is done mainly for search engine optimisation purposes, it is beneficial for many other reasons. Here are 2 ways link building can help your business.

1: Brand Awareness

Quality link building tactics will help you establish your brand online and make people more aware of your brand. By putting out valuable content that generates links for your brand, you are solidifying yourself as a thought leader and expert in your industry. Link building helps you build buzz and excitement around your business as well as nurture it in an engaged community. When an individual is reading content online they can easily see the visible links within the post. This will result in one of two things, either they will click the link and visit your website or they will register your brand name with the content they have just consumed. If readers do not immediately visit your site they will now begin to associate your company with the subject of the content in the post. This can lead positive actions down the road like website visits and brand interaction.

2: Referral Traffic

Links back to your site are gateways for people to discover who your brand is and what products and services you offer. Link building is a great way to qualify the types of leads that you get for your brand. Link building shows you the people who visit your website by clicking on organic links that are out there. These links can come from relevant sites in the same market and industry as your business. Referral traffic is highly targeted and it is a great source of potential customers who have already demonstrated an affinity for your brand. This makes it ideal for getting leads and eventually turning visitors into customers. Not all people coming to websites comes from searches on search engines,  referral traffic is a big part of all traffic so people are clicking on links within posts and arrive at the linked content. Quality links on websites with a lot of visitors will really help your SEO, but also bring increased traffic to your website. A link on a popular website can continue to push traffic to your website for years.

Link building has many benefits and can give businesses better success online SEOs say that link building is one of the hardest parts of an SEO strategy. If you can master the art of building high-quality links then you can truly have increased success online and over your competitors. For more information regarding link building then visit us online today or call us today on 021-234-8038.

28.06.2018 CATEGORY: Digital Marketing|SEO SHARE: all posts