2 Simple Ways To Improve Your SEO Quickly

2 Simple Ways To Improve Your SEO Quickly

2 Simple Ways To Improve Your SEO Quickly

Proper SEO takes time, the improvements you make today might not be fully felt for months. However there are several ways you can improve you SEO quickly to get results. A long term strategy is always the best route to success, but if you have already implement your strategy here are 2 great tips to get some fast results in the meantime.

1: Optimise Your Existing Content

It’s far quicker to improve the SEO of a page that is already performing strongly in a SERP. The highest traffic goes to the first three results, so if you have pages that are ranked around fifth or sixth, those are the ones you should target. Once you have identified a few possible candidates, use Google Analytics to determine which ones have the highest bounce rates. Find other pages on your site that are related to the pages you are trying to improve. Then add internal links from those related pages, only do this if they are truly relevant and would be of some use for users.

Often you will find that your page might be ranking highly for something that doesn’t completely fit the query of the user. For example you might see a blog post ranking highly for the keyword “SEO for beginners” when actually you blog is more suited for advanced SEO. When this happens, you can rewrite the article to better suit the query, you can add a section to the article that better answers the search query or if the topic simply doesn’t belong on that page you can create a new page to answer the question. Link to the new page from the old page using keyword rich anchor text.

2: Create Content For Featured Snippets

When you type a question into Google, sometimes you will see an answer box at the top of the results. That is a featured snippet. Winning a featured snippet spot can be great for driving organic traffic to your site. Use Google Search Console to find the rankings of searches that contain a question filtering to show words such as who, how, why or what.

To stand a chance of being a featured snippet you should attempt to briefly but precisely answer the specific question in bullet or numbered form. Add to the information on the page to benefit the user. You can also add a video (with a transcription) to the page that answers the query directly. If you don’t rank highly for any question related keywords, think of one. Create a simple question and answer it precisely.

These two ways to improve your SEO quickly are simple to implement and if carried out properly, have a great chance of improving the rank of your pages. If you want Google to notice the changes quickly, submit the revised content to be indexed and share it on Google Plus.