2 More iPhone Photography Tips/Tricks That Will Significantly Improve Your Photos

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Visuals are important to people and brands that want to portray a particular moment in a particular way. Thanks to our mobile phones, its features & the editing apps that come with them, we can now take high-quality images and edit them with little effort. However, taking a great picture on your iPhone is not as simple as just aiming and taking that snapshot. Here are 2 more iPhone photography tips/tricks that will significantly improve your photos for your content marketing campaigns. 

Rule Of Thirds

The Rule of thirds is one of the easiest to use and best ways to improve your pictures. It is a photographic composition principle that says a picture should be broken down into thirds both horizontally and vertically, giving you nine grids altogether in the frame. By turning on the camera’s gridlines you superimpose a series of these grid lines on the camera screen of your iPhone. If you place the subject of interest in these points of intersection, your photo will be more balanced, level, more natural and better quality. On your iPhone, you have a grid option available to use. This helps you to line up photographs so that they follow the rule of thirds. To turn on this option simply go to Settings > Photos & Camera and enabling the Grid switch.

Use The HDR Auto Feature2 More iPhone Photography Tips/Tricks That Will Significantly Improve Your Photos

iPhones come with a software feature called HDR which stands for High Dynamic Range. This feature allows you to take pictures that may have a high contrast light source like something bright against something dark. HDR still lets you capture a high-quality photo without distorting either the light or the dark area of the image. When you take a photo on your iPhone using this feature, it takes several pictures in quick succession at different exposures then merges them together to create a unified image. You can manually turn HDR on or off from the Camera app on your iPhone or you can use HDR Auto. This uses information from your iPhone’s sensor as you aim your iPhone toward the subject you want to snapshot and then determines if an image might need HDR correction and only then does it turn on HDR mode. To know when HDR is enabled you will simply see a little yellow HDR box that appears on the screen. This can save you extra storage space and prevent you using HDR unnecessarily.

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31.05.2018 CATEGORY: Content Marketing SHARE: all posts